So I got Sherlock on DVD for Christmas, and managed to watch three episodes before someone asked to borrow it.  I said yes for some reason I can't remember... and so was parted with it for far too long.  I've now got it back and in celebration here is a Benedict Cumberbatch Picspam with bonus BC as the Master with the 11th Doctor :)

So I watched Sherlock and loved it :) Although the second one didn't hold my interest as much as the rest....

It has in fact encouraged me to write the most porn-y, in fact the only vaguely porny thing I have ever written!

Title:  Distraction
Fandom: Sherlock
Rating: R/NC17
Pairing: Sherlock/John (unrequited?), Sherlock/HisHand
Word Count: 533
Summary: Sherlock's a little distracted, logically he needs to get it out of his system
Archived at AO3
"It's rather difficult to imagine that you're sucking me off when you're hovering in the doorway like that." )



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