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Hello all! Quick intro, I am a recently re-enrolled student!  This time a Masters in Media which I'm loving at the moment (talk to me again when it comes to dissertations) mostly unemployed recently graduated student, who loves films and television :)

The otherwise is pretty much covered in my fannish endeavours in terms of fic which can be found in this post. I also make icons on occasion which can be located here.
Finally I used to make Stargate Atlantis music videos which can be found here with the more recent additions of a Sherlock Holmes, Supernatural and a couple of Hawaii Five-0/Oceans Triology vids.

I occasionally rec a fic or two under this tag. And finally, last year I collated a High School Musical Chad/Ryan College Fic list which can be located here

I have an extensive and continually updating list of fandoms. Some of the main include Stargate Atlantis, Harry Potter, Merlin, Smallville, Supernatural, Life on Mars, SG1, Doctor Who, Star Trek and many others, which should all be listed below.

So if we share interests feel free to friend me! I almost always friend back, but if you want drop me a comment somewhere it might speed that process up :)

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