I am without TV to watch, does anyone have any recommendations?  All I have is Suits until the end of the month, I'm in the mood for marathon catching up on something new!!

But here I shall keep a list of when shows are back so I don't miss anything :)  *updated with new shows YAY!

Suits - currently airing
Glee - September 26
Hawaii Five 0 - September 27
Supernatural - October 8th
Walking Dead - October 13th
White Collar - October 17th
Grimm - October 25
Teen Wolf - January 2014
Game of Thrones - Spring 2014
Falling Skies - Summer 2014
Hannibal - 2014

New shows to try:
Sleepy Hollow - September 16th
Agents of Shield - September 24th
The Tomorrow People - October 9th
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - October 10th
Almost Human - November 4th

My flist has been very busy recently, enjoying seeing everyone back around!

From: [identity profile] wickednotevil.livejournal.com

I'm quite looking forward to Almost Human and Bates Motel, I'm shallow enough that a bit of sci-fi and some pretty people will at least make me watch the pilot episodes. Also serial killers. Totally not weird, Hannibal made it cool...Sleepy Hollow looks dreadful in the best possible way (in case you needed more Autumnal tv shows ;P)

Sorry, can't think of anything on at the moment though!

From: [identity profile] wickednotevil.livejournal.com

I'm so glad there's going to be another season, it was the best sort of creepy :D

No, Almost Human is a sci-fi, um, let me find the trailer....

From: [identity profile] wraithwriter.livejournal.com

Have you seen "Perception" with Eric McCormick? I really like it. Reminds me of "Eli Stone", which I loved until they changed showrunners and destroyed it in the second season.


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