Stiles didn't hear from Chris for three days. It wasn't that long in the grand scheme of things, they had certainly gone that long without speaking at least once over the past month. But in light of what Stiles did the last time he was in close proximity to Chris, maybe it was for the best.

He was not going to let it get to him. So he had access to a hunter's library and just well, Chris for a while there. But he had screwed it up, not to be unexpected in the life of Stiles Stilinksi.

The other thing (well the new other thing) that was getting to him was Scott. Scott kept giving him weird looks. Again not unexpected in the life of Stiles Stilinksi. These weird looks thought were not usually of the alternatively suspicious and concerned variety.

"What?!" Stiles snapped eventually. They were walking up to his front door on their way to an afternoon of video games and junk food.

"What?" Scott responded, immediately defensive.

"What's with the frown-y face of doom, dude? Seriously if you're not going to say anything to me about what's bugging you then at least have the courtesy to be more subtle with, you know, your face," he waved a hand in the general direction of Scott's face and stomped into the house.

The silence following his question was worrying. Stiles began to wish he had never said anything, Scott looked like he was working himself up to asking Stiles something. If it was this difficult to get out it couldn't be good. Stiles did the only logical thing he could think of; he ran.

Running from a werewolf was probably pretty futile. Running upstairs to his room and flopping down on his bed with his arm across his eyes was a pretty pathetic thing to do. Stiles didn’t really care, he was tired and still vaguely sore in the ginormous scar area. And he was pretty fed up of trying to pretend he wasn't feeling like shit about the fact he hadn't heard from Chris in three days.

Scott came through the door a few moments later and dropped into Stiles' desk chair.

"Shoot," Stiles said into his elbow.

"Allison said you were at her house."

"Yeah?" Stiles asked faintly.

"Yeah. She saw your jeep down the road from her house. She wasn't sure what was going on so she ran upstairs to her room to ring me, and when she looked out of the window she saw you coming out of the front door and running down the street," Scott explained.

"Is there a question in there, Scott?" Stiles asked, he took his arm away from his face and rolled so he was facing his friend.

"What's going on?" Scott asked. "Allison thinks maybe her dad is trying to recruit you."

Stiles let out a surprised laugh, "Recruit me?"

"Yeah you know, to be a hunter or something," Scott shifted and looked uncomfortable. Stiles just looked at him, yeah that made a whole load of sense. Stiles being a hunter when his best friend was a werewolf, when he'd been more or less beaten unconscious by a hunter all too recently.

"I know," Scott sighed. "It's stupid. But she said there were all these books all over the place and I know how much you- Is he seducing you with books Stiles?" Scott asked earnestly.

Stiles laughed again but slightly bitterly this time. "No he is not seducing me with books. No I am not a hunter in training. Just no." He sat up and looked at Scott tiredly.

"Then what?"

"Then...," Stiles ran a hand over the back of his head. "Allison shot me, he felt bad, visited me a few times," Stiles explained, he left out the start of the story. He didn't think Scott would appreciate the well intentioned stalking part. "He let slip that they have all these books, a hunter library. I kind of got myself an invitation to you know, look at the books."

"And he's letting you?" Scott asked incredulously.

"I know right. Oh man Scott, there are like boxes and boxes of these things, and most of them are like old and leather bounds some are on frickin' parchment. It's like someone boxed up Hogwarts library and put it in the Argent's basement," he grinned and bounced a little on the bed. Scott smiled a little in return, helpful in the face of Stiles enthusiasm.

"So he's just letting you nose around all their books? All their secrets?" Scott asked.

"There aren't like hunter diaries man. Most of it is books on mythology and stuff, it's still pretty awesome though."

"I can't believe he's trusting you with this though, with no ulterior motive," Scott shook his head.

"He trusts me I guess, well as much as he trusts anyone," Stiles paused. "I think maybe he's kinda lonely a bit? His wife dad, his dad went psycho and disappeared and most of the hunters drifted away after that whole thing. And Allison barely talks to him..." he trailed off.

"So he's letting you go through all his stuff because he's lonely?" Scott asked with the frown-y face of confusion.

"Yeah maybe," Stiles said and flopped back down on his bed. He tapped his fingers tips against his stomach and contemplated the ceiling


"It's nice though, he's pretty cool," Stiles admitted after a moment. "I guess I didn't realise but I was kinda lonely too ."

"Stiles," Scott looked at him wide eyed.

"No dude, you have Allison and that's you know awesome. Just all the werewolf stuff has meant I can't really talk to my dad without lying my ass off and that's kind of the extent of my social circle," he shrugged.

"Well Allison and I broke up so-"

"Yeah, hang on see me and Chris becoming bff's has brought you and Allison closer together again. I am awesome," Stiles grinned over at Scott.

"Bff's?" Scott asked incredulously.

"Yeah so I exaggerated, whatever. So not the point..."

Stiles totally was awesome, because once the topic of Allison was raised with Scott everything else was forgotten.



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