So I'm kind of writing Stiles Stilinksi/Chris Argent fic in the comments of [ profile] marguerite_26's Teen Wolf friending meme if anyone is interested.  Probably not because there's like one fic under the tag on AO3?  Eugh it's not fair I want it and no one is writing it *cries*

But here pimping again because everything is Teen Wolf and nothing hurts:

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I have bookmarked it to read tonight. I've been itching to read it all day. :D

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I AM READING IT. \o/ \o/

(omg I can't believe you stopped there YOU ARE EVIL but it's okay, I'll forgive you because you're one of like, three people who apparently write this pairing. So I'm going to love you forever.)

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Completely forgiven! I'd have gone to the Olympics were I on that continent. *misses 'home'*


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