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( Nov. 4th, 2010 06:18 pm)
Hello all, perfect 6.06 Dean/Cas fic to recommend :)

Rarely Pure, Never Simple by [livejournal.com profile] moorishflower, Word Count: 3270
Summary: Alcohol, as it turns out, does not dull the effects of curses. It does, however, result in drunken phone calls to angels.

Go and read [info]devilsduplicity's The Butterfly Effect!  It's brill, bit of a 5.04 AU where Dean gets dragged back to the future again but this time with Cas in tow, cue Dean/Cas/future!Dean/future!Cas (and every variation thereof).

Author Summary: Castiel is sent to the future with Dean. Chaos ensues.

Soo, I had that stupid green bar thing going on in WMM and I couldn't be bothered to fiddle with settings etc. so gave up making videos for a while.  But!  I've just found the solution, so have been able to save this spn vid I made AGES ago. (Next in the works is a Sherlock Holmes vid)

Title: Holding Out for a Hero
Music: by Frou Frou
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: Season 4
Summary: Dean and Cas are both holding out for a hero :)  

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( Jan. 8th, 2010 11:22 pm)
Slipped and twisted my knee on the way home from work yesterday :(  I have crap knees anyway (hypermobile joints or something, which is something kids have and usually grow out of) but it just gave, luckily i didnt fall on my arse or anything but it was a close call.  I get why they don't grit roads that aren't main roads, but still, mine isnt some of the beaten track road, its kind of the entry road to a big block of houses, only way in or out and its completel iced over, like inches thick.

Anyway through the pain I managed to call in to work and say there was no way I was risking it again, I'd pick up emails from home, don't think they were happy but oh well, I work my guts out every other day!

So a good day to catch up on fic?  Settle in with a long fic?  No, because I'm too lazy to go on the hunt for something good.  Instead I slept late, watched bit of tv, played Sims 3 World Adventures, then introduced Life on Mars to my sister.  All in all not a wasted day, but I miss lj, I appear to be too lazy to find fic gems like I used to though, I'll just have to rely on [livejournal.com profile] hils and [livejournal.com profile] marguerite_26 and their wonderul reccing talents.  What I'll do for my other fandoms I don't know... *sigh*

I used to be too lazy for uni because I was always on lj, now I'm too lazy for lj because I'm always at work... I do not like this turn of events...
So I get one day off a week, and I spent it today doing not very much! except watch tv!

Watched SPN, not as cringeworthy as I thought it would be!! But it definitely had its moments! Also very sad that next week is the last episode until January! :(

Watched Merlin! Oh my God!  )

Watched Stargate Universe!! Which I have to say, best episode yet ("Time"). So far I've been entertained enough not to turn it off mid-way through an episode, but thought no more about it after it finished. This one has actually held my attention for the rest of the day, hopefully it'll continue like this :)

ILU! )

And yes, I did watch I'm a celebrity, I couldn't really help it, its one of the only reality tv shows I follow, however I think Katie Price might put me off it a little in the days to come....


Stolen from like EVERYONE ON MY FLIST!!  Seriously people, I almost felt obligated to do this :)

1) Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/bands [fannish etc.] that you've had an obsessive fannish love or interest in at some time in your life.
2) Have your f-list guess your favourite character/member from each item.
3) When someone guesses correctly, strikethrough the item and put the name of your favorite character next to it.

(1) Stargate Atlantis: Rodney McKay guessed by [info]scarlet_gryphon
(2) High School Musical: Ryan, guessed by [info]chrisvel
(3) Life on Mars: Sam guessed by [info]jaxxamundo
(4) Harry Potter: Severus Snape, guessed by [info]chrisvel
(5) Stargate SG1: Jack O'Neill guessed by [info]chrisvel
(6) due South
(7) Darren Shan
(8) Doctor Who The Master, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] xrukiatimelordx  
(9) Torchwood: Ianto Jones guessed by [info]scarlet_gryphon
(10) Angel: Wesley guessed by [info]lonelyangel_x
(11) Star Trek Enterprise
(12) Supernatural: Castiel, guessed by [info]wraithwriter
(13) Merlin: Arthur guessed by [info]lonelyangel_x
(14) Red Dwarf
(15) Smallville: Lex Luthor, guess by [info]chrisvel
(16) Sports Night
(17) The OC
(18) SGU
(19) Ashes to Ashes
(20) Voyager: Tom Paris, guessed by [info]chrisvel


So go and check out [livejournal.com profile] _hopefulness_'s post here with some pretty pictures of Jared and Jensen

I got creative and made some wallpapers, nothing too fancy, and some aren't particularly good in terms of text, but I have one as my back ground which I really like so I though I'd share the rest.

Feel free to take any you want (although they were made for my weird screen size so they may have to be adapted for others)

Jensen and Jared Wallpapers behind the cut )
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( Sep. 2nd, 2009 08:59 pm)

Its been almost A MONTH since I posted to my lj!! Something is very wrong with that... :)

I'm alive! Atm I'm temping at my local college doing the enrolment, itskinda monotonous but pays well!  I've figured out I can afford to go to Uni again next September so I'm basically having a gap year, I think I could even afford to travel a little bit, on the cheap anyway! Any recommendations, I've literally never been abroad apart from a school trip to France...

In fandom news?  I finished Buffy! *sobs*  It was kinda brilliant, although it dragged a bit at the end there.  I think maybe because I was watching them one after the other? So there was no chance for the suspense to build whilst I was waiting a week for the next episode.  I can now go back and read all the post series fic I skipped over before! YAY!  Also, has anyone read the comics??  Just wondering if anyone would recommend them?

So now I'm on series five of Angel, its so different, I'm not sure I like it, and Spike seems so out of place.  He'd fit better if they were still at the hotel, but Wolfram and Hart is so shiny and clean and bright... it kind of freaks me out a little....

OH QUESTION!  When does Merlin series 2 premiere?? And Supernatural S5?? I know its nearing but have absolutely no idea of the exact date
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( May. 29th, 2009 10:41 pm)

First new laptop FAIL!!!

It has lost its shiny new alure, Internet Explorer froze and I lost all of my open tabs :(  I have since recovered them but still the honeymoon period is over.  I shall remove it from its prized position on my desk, perhaps take it downstairs, sit it on my bed, who knows...? :)

For my reference in case there is further laptop fail, and for the interest of any passers by, my open tabs are currently:
- Jared&Jensen 'Just Dance' Video
- [livejournal.com profile] fiercelydreamed's reaction post to Star Trek in which people have rec'd her fic (for which I had to go back 270 entries on my flist)
- [livejournal.com profile] mojokid's untitled Sports Night fic  EDIT: Which is very funny btw, READ IT!
- [livejournal.com profile] hils's fic rec tag
- [livejournal.com profile] doctorslashjack, scrolled down to [livejournal.com profile] joolz01's fic 'Hearing Things' waiting for me to click and read it
- Facebook
- and I'm sure there was something else I can't remember....

EDIT: And I keep forgetting to post to Dreamwidth and then cross post it! Pfft, I have like five friends over there, I'm sure no-one cares....
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( May. 21st, 2009 09:16 pm)
So I've just made my first video on my shiny new laptop (in windows movie maker but its a step up from my old one). 

But I have a problem.  When I save it it squashes the video into the top half of the screen and the bottom half is blank.  Any idea how i can stop it from doing that??

So I finally got a new laptop! *dances*

HOWEVER, apparently whilst i was backing up all my bookmarks it failed to copy over my file full of links to Supernatual and Life on Mars rec lists.  Though it kept SGA, Smallville, Trek and Harry Potter.  I'm pretty sure i also had a folder for Due South and Sports Night but i can't really remember (yes i know i look at it almost everyday, how i can forget i dont know)

Soooo, can anyone help me? I was only halfway through the first of the Supernatural lists and i had several (by who i can't remember!)  Does anyone have any good rec lists and/or recs they could give me links to?
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( May. 11th, 2009 02:27 pm)

I've just checked my flist for the first time in days, pulled my head out from under all the books and notes and revision only to be confronted with SPN spoilers on my flist.  Generally this isnt a problem, everyone uses lj cuts. MOST everyone anywho *goes and cries over spoileryy spoilers which have spoiled me*

I'm thinking I should have just stayed away...

on the plus side, got to use my cas wtf icon :)

I may have mentioned something recently about removing myself from lj for a week or so for exams and revision.... heh... not happening
What I need is an incentive to revise! If I know I have a good story waiting to be read I'll work faster and do more so I can take a break and read some, as it is I have no incentive (not even avoiding failure, because it seems far far away yet),

Anywho, my flist have been showing off pretty pictures of Jered and Jenson today (i have none to offer I'm afraid) and I've just uploaded some pretty Dean and Castiel icons and it got me thinking, I've yet to find that one fic which makes me jump up and down and say YES this is my fandom now.  I don't know if its because I've not jumped head first into the SPN fandom (I've heard its a scary place), but I've still yet to read that fic. 

What would that fic be you ask?  Well I'm a Castiel/Dean shipper mostly, I'm thinking something from Dean's pov, a lot of what I've read is from Cas', or from Dean's but its all about Cas, a Dean pov with his thoughts and reasons, not just his ponderings of why Cas wants him, or wallowing in his hell!angst  Oh and I'd love to see a Sam pov one, where he gradually puts little things together and figures it out, or catches them at it, either :) Anyone got any good recs??

*uses spn icon*

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( Mar. 20th, 2009 09:16 pm)
So I was all excited that I've finally completely caught up with Supernatural.  Just watched the last episode of season 3 (and omg poor Dean calling for Sam, it doesnt matter that I know how it ends up, he's still in hell *cries*)

But now everyone on my flist has written about the wow that is 4x16 (15??)  It kinda stole my accomplished feeling.  I'm only on 409 i think with itv2... and i'm searching for dean/castiel fic that wont spoil me... *sigh*

I think I need at least one SPN icons now... *searches*
[Error: unknown template qotd]Sports Night
The RayK series of Due South
the 3rd series of Supernatural (because I've yet to watch it)
Son of Rambow
Peter Pan

Yes I'm choosing to interpret a box set as a single DVD, sue me :)

(if my Life on Mars DVDs had arrived in the post yet I'm sure I'd have to trade something on the list for that)

I have a compulsion to write fic, much much fic.  Why?  Probably because i need to write my 10,000 word dissertation in the next two weeks (current word count? 400) then hand it in, write 3x3000 essays, get my disso back and rewrite it all by end on March....

Then several weeks of nothing, and by that i mean revision, and then some exams at the beginning of May.  And then I'll be FREE!!

First thing I'm going to do: Finish Harry Potter Draco/Harry Post DH fic 'And All Over Again'
Second thing: Write another Sports Night Fic, any length, pairing, gen, I dont care, I just feel like I should
Third: Write a Demons Fic... why??? Seems like it might be fun :)
Fourth: WRITE SOMETHING ELSE!  Any prompts/pairings? it'll clearly be a while but I think i'm gonna spend my year off writing :) Provide me with a starting point people! *g*

(Fandoms: SGA, SG1, SGU??, Star Trek Enterprise, DS9, maybe Voyager?, Supernatural, Demons, Sports Night, Due South, Harry Potter, The OC, Being Human, Merlin, Gilmore Girls, Friends, Darren Shan, Doctor Who, High School Musical, Hollyoaks, House, Life on Mars, Neighbours, Red Dwarf, Sanctuary, Skins, Smallville, Torchwood - OMG TV OBSESSED)

(Edit to Add: Quantum Leap, and The Palace)
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( Jan. 30th, 2009 10:14 pm)
Has anyone watched Being Human on BBC3?
Its much better than I thought it'd be, from the way they advertised it anyway, as they played up the comedy rather than the drama and the gore :)
I think I'm liking it better than Demons... maybe... I'll give it a few more episodes and see where it goes.

For people who dont know, its basically about a werewolf and a vampire who move into a house which is being haunted by a former tenent whome they happen to be able to see.  Their backstories are all pretty depressing... and they're all trying their best to fit in and be normal, unsuccessfully so far.

In other news, I'm halfway through Supernatural season 1, its good! Thats all i have to say.  Also its kinda scary, like in a yelling at your tv, 'dont go there!' kind of way.  Looking forward to continue watching, but taking my time as i'm busy with uni work. *sigh*

Edit: Have found some Being Human comms which I've yet to explore but thought I'd make a note of :)
[livejournal.com profile] beinghumanicons 
[livejournal.com profile] beinghumanslash 
[livejournal.com profile] beinghuman_fic 
[livejournal.com profile] beinghuman_fans 
Oh on that note can anyone rec any supernatural or demons comms?? I dont even know if demons has been picked up by fandom...

Edit 2: Demons comms I've located:
[livejournal.com profile] demons_itv  (general info/discussion about the show)
[livejournal.com profile] demons_icons 
[livejournal.com profile] demonsfic 
There are some pairing comms and character specific too, but I'm not as interested in those :) they're under the affiliates or in posts of the ones above though if anyones interested :)
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( Jan. 25th, 2009 08:33 pm)
So I gave in and bought Supernatural on DVD (Seasons 1-3), but oh the dilemma, i've only watched the first 4 and a half episodes, and i'm guessing there's some things that happen during the rest that are going to have me confused if i start watched season 4 tonight.

So, should I watch it and try and muddle through?  Or should I wait and just watch it some other time??


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