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( Sep. 4th, 2009 09:32 pm)

So in a post here I asked for fic prompts.  I am at the moment either working my arse off, or being off sick from work, it seems to be a horrible cycle which started around my graduation in July and I cant seem to shake it.

Anyhow, I only actually wrote fic for one of the prompts (Due South, and here) and was thinking about doing one of the others, because whilst i still feel very ill, I'm bored! But I can't seem to use Word, apparently I had a trial version and its run out? News to me.... I'm not paying for office, I can't afford it... *is sad*

I was also looking forward to working some on the sgaficofdoom some this weekend.... MS WORDS SUCKS

That is all.

EDIT: I just hastily cobbled together some pics for my fic, I may not have Word by I still have my rubbish photoediting program :)


Yay, 2281 words into my SGA fic :)  (see previous posts under sgaficofdoom tag)

I think I've decided to do it as a series or stories.  To begin with I really wanted to write it all in one epic story.  But in my head it really kind of fits into segments so this is better I think.

Also I've fallen in love with the Regina Spektor song 'The Call' (which yes is the song at the end of Prince Caspian) and kind of want to use the line 'No need to say goodbye' as the title, but I don't know if it sounds to light/hopeful/positive for a story that I dont know will have a happy ending yet.

Anywho, must get back to imprisoning the team in someone's evil lair before I have to get up tomorrow and start actual work for uni...
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( Dec. 18th, 2008 11:34 pm)

So another image to go with the epic SGA fic which may never get written (see here and here for further details)
I'm not as please with this one, it isnt as nice (partly because Rodney looks all weird and demonish, but that was kinda the idea) but i figure i might as well add it to the list of resources i seem to be building :)

Also, I made some notes which i've scanned to my computer and loaded onto photobucket.  Have decided to share, so if anyone wants to play pre-emtive beta and pull apart the ideas then please do, in fact i'd appreciate it! :)

So far its just the history of the original characters, havent got to how the SGA lot enter in yet.  Scans are HERE and HERE.

And yes I continue to use my Tainted icon, even though I'm not sure if that's what I'm going to title it yet :)

EDIT: I just found just over a thousand words of this fic on my computer... I'd forgotten I had written it, actually I cant even remember doing it.  I love it when that happens :) There's also the beginning of a story outline which looks pretty good. Yay :)
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( Dec. 14th, 2008 11:46 pm)

*yawns* should be sleeping, early start tomorrow! :(  BUT was day dreaming about a fic I've wanted to write for like a year (see previous post on the subject here) and decided to make another image in the hopes it'd keep the idea alive in my brain until I have time to write it (probably in like May *cries*)

So here we are, make of it what you will....

(click for bigger image)

p.s. in the middle, are those the walking undead? possibly, possibly....

So I've pieced together a rough image/cover pic for my yet to be penned SGA story (also pairing yet to be decided, we've got the options of gen, McShep & McKay/MaleOC or McKay/Female OC)
Its nowhere near as pretty as I wanted, so I shall hunt for better photos and the such and try and improve my completely inadequate photo manip skills.
Also, the title is likely to change, I kinda like the idea of 'Something wicked this way comes'... but it seems a little ott??


I kinda wish I'd left a little bit of colour in Sheppard and McKay (top left)
As for the other characters, the male is named Yante, but he'd supposed to be a bit older (actually being an Ancient so like thousands of years old), but I kinda like the idea of looking young but being old...
The pretty lady in the corner, (whose showing us a bit too much...?)  is Karrai, also older than she appears but not as much so as Yante.  Rodney is the latest addition to their 'group'.
God I want to write this so much, but it would be epic and I dont think I could do it justice.... *sigh*
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( Jun. 13th, 2008 09:51 pm)

Okay, so i have spent hours searching for images on the web to make a cover image for an SGA story i have had in my head for over a year now.
I figured if i made an image, it might inspire me to write it...which in a weird way it has because this is so bloody frustrating!
I've got a couple which are perfect.  What I need now is an image of Rodney (/David Hewlett) looking kinda dark? Its rather a dark story in which Rodney takes on creature of the night-ish tendencies... Anyway i cant find any good quality images of DH (anything from Clutch would work but all the ones i found arent particularly high quality).  I also like this image and a few others from Darklight, but again, not really good enough quality to go with the other images.  A bit bloodied up would be good? or even just kinda a striking photo, like blue eyes or goodlighting (not to bright, kinda shadow-y) or something......... Argh its driving me mad, i cant think of any SGA episodes where there'd be relevant images... Help?!

Also one of Sheppard on his knees (like in Submersion or season 2 two-parter, the hive???), or looking shocked/horrified or both would be helpful.... :)

This is driving me nuts.

I was also looking for a photo of an anonomous original character, male, he had to look kinda scary but attractive at the same time, and again dark lighting would have helped...pretty much given up on that one though....

*wanders away to bash her head against a brick wall*



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