So I'm most of the way through an application to do a postgraduate teaching qualification.... However I have an observed assessment on my teaching on the evening course I'm doing tomorrow and I'm absolutely crapping myself.  So yeah, completely questioning my plan for my life right now.  If I'm this scared for one 30 minute assessment of my teaching how will I ever get up the courage to do this every day?

Maybe I'm getting too old for this whole re-training business, maybe I should stick in my dead-end job and save up for a mortgage for the next twenty years.

Eugh negative thoughts, I'm going to go and eat a cookie to get rid of them.  Cookies solve everything.
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( Dec. 5th, 2013 09:10 pm)
So I'm loving this December meme people are doing!  I'll get round to commenting on some of the posts eventually, but I am reading them!

I can't imagine anyone would want to ask me anything, but I'm enjoying my flist being a little more active :)
I am without TV to watch, does anyone have any recommendations?  All I have is Suits until the end of the month, I'm in the mood for marathon catching up on something new!!

But here I shall keep a list of when shows are back so I don't miss anything :)  *updated with new shows YAY!

Suits - currently airing
Glee - September 26
Hawaii Five 0 - September 27
Supernatural - October 8th
Walking Dead - October 13th
White Collar - October 17th
Grimm - October 25
Teen Wolf - January 2014
Game of Thrones - Spring 2014
Falling Skies - Summer 2014
Hannibal - 2014

New shows to try:
Sleepy Hollow - September 16th
Agents of Shield - September 24th
The Tomorrow People - October 9th
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - October 10th
Almost Human - November 4th

My flist has been very busy recently, enjoying seeing everyone back around!
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( May. 12th, 2013 10:47 pm)
Sooo Channing Tatum ruined my first viewing of Star Trek by being in the imax screen next door, causing a mass exodus of my screen halfway through the film so people could watch him leave....

This is justification to go and see it again yes? (Maybe a third time after that just to be sure?)

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( Nov. 9th, 2012 06:54 pm)
It seems like everyone is moving or at least thinking about moving to dreamwidth,  I created my account a long time ago but have only just imported everything!  If I don't like any changes made permanent on lj I may migrate over there for good, same username -

Hope all is well with my flist!

*returns to radio silence*
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( Sep. 10th, 2012 07:42 pm)
So I've been signed off from my job by the doctor due to stress, meh.  But I am using the time wisely to write fic.  Usually I only ever write fic because I have an idea in my head that keeps running round and round and I rush around doing it around work and home and life.  But now I am on my second week of nothing and decided writing would be fun.

I've written 2.5K in about two hours, which is amazing for me because my attention span tends to last about 100 words before I get distracted.  But it's kind of fun and I have a plot all layed out (in my head) and I think for the first time in ever I may actually start and finish writing something in one go,

We'll see how it goes but at the moment I'm having fun, although it feels slightly weird writing a rare pairing and being the third story I've written for them in a month.

Pointless post is pointless, but I feel better for sharing :)
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( Aug. 1st, 2012 08:31 pm)
Turns out I'm going to the Olympics....twice :D

Aloha flist.  I am now the ripe old age of 24 *sigh*.  I have decided I am going to make a concerted effort to save this year so I can contemplate getting my own flat/maisonette/house sometime next year, so I'm feeling pretty positive and all grown up at the moment...

On the flip side of that grown up feeling, I’ve recently fallen head first into Teen Wolf...and then there was all the comic-con madness :)  Also many many months ago I became obsessed with Avengers fic whilst I was waiting impatiently for the film come out, then fandom exploded and I haven't been able to catch up. 

My problem is that I rely on recs for reading material.  So here's my question oh wise flist - what (if any) Teen Wolf and/or Avengers comms do you follow?  I need sources for when my flist is bare of recs.  Also icons and news is good :)  I don't think I've changed my userpics in about a year, and I've definitely discovered about 5 new shows and dipped my toes in probably double that in new fandoms in that me I need to revamp my lj, you're my only hope! 

Failing comm recs, fic recs are always appreciated :)  I'm pretty much pro any pairing at the moment because I want to read ALL THE WORDS (altho Steve/Tony and Stiles/Derek are my faves because I tend to be mainstream like that :D)

(And now that I have posted this joint request for Teen Wolf and Avengers I'm feeling the need for some kind of cross-over fic...)

One thousand spontaneous words of Merlin fic before bedtime written!!!

So canon question - is Morganna younger than Arthur?  So basically, did Uther sleep with Morganna's mother after Igraine died, or whilst Igraine was still alive? 

On the topic of Igraine is it spelt with an I or a Y (Ygraine)?  Or is it one of those things thats open to intepretation?

Thank you for any help :)
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( Mar. 11th, 2012 12:29 pm)
So someone, somewhere must have made a Merlin/Arthur video to Emeli Sande's 'Next to Me' right?  Right?  And if not why not?
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( Jan. 10th, 2012 11:18 pm)
So I've kind of been drifting along doing nothing fandom wise, or real life wise for a while.  I've just reformatted my masterpost of fic and realised I want to do more.  I've just sorted out in my head at least what I'm going to do with my life (work, save, socialise and eventually, hopefully buy a house), but part of that on a day-to-day basis is writing and reading more so this is where I'm going to start:

      1) I'm going to comment more, because I read EVERYTHING on my flist and like a lurking lurker never, ever comment.  So when I do my daily browse tomorrow evening when I get home, I intend to comment.

      2) I'm going to write instead of just compose stuff in my head.  I may not post it all but it needs to be recorded somewhere other than my brain, if only for my own sanity.  Although I think I may be sticking with plans rather than full fic atm because seriously that amount of words would require me to stop sleeping I think (we've got Hawaii Five 0, Supernatural, Avengers, Sherlock (BBC), Stargate Atlantis, Narnia, Merlin, Doctor Who, Toy Story as well as Original Fiction stories all lurking in there)

      3) Smile more, just because.

      4) In no way shape or form refer to these a New Years resolutions, because then they won't happen.  (Also I don't really get new years and new years resolution, its just like a chunk of time.  We don't count down to midnight on the last day of every month....mnah random aside over)

Thank you, and goodnight :D

Hello lovely flist.  Do you know it's been so long since I posted anything that the "post an Entry" box has changed and this is the first time I'm noticing it....

I have been lurking but I've been in dissertation completion mode for MONTHS.  I've finally submitted and now I'm kind of at a loss for what to do with myself!  I'm manically applying for jobs because the lack of money is easier to live with when you're studying but just really depressing when you're doing absolutely nothing!

I am still lurking in all my fandoms, followed Doctor Who, am very excited for the return or Melin, Supernatural, Hawaii Five-0 and Glee (seriously thank you television programme schedulers you are saving my sanity by keeping me occupied with your shiny shiny shows).  I've just done a massive Atlantis rewatch as well and thinking about due South next. 

I've an idea for a H50 video bouncing around in my head, and a couple of fic ideas as well which may see the light of day as I've got a bit of time on my hands in between job applications at the moment. YAY fandom contributions!

I've a question for my flist though.  I'm contemplating applying to some uni's to do a research degree.  I've no idea how to go about this though, should I apply to more than one uni?  Is it a good idea to base my proposal on my Masters thesis or will they frown on that?  Has anyone on my flist done a PhD and have some words of wisdom?

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( Jul. 31st, 2011 12:08 am)
Just logged into lj on my phone and everything was in Russian.... logged back out and in again and it was back to normal...

This, and recent downtime, is maybe a message that I should continue my very occasional lurk-age until my dissertation is completed?

*waves bye to lj again*
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( Jul. 13th, 2011 11:15 pm)
So tbh, I am officially useless at following birthdays and user gifts etc, I admit this.  BUT despite my failings some lovely people have gifted me things recently :D thank you to [ profile] winterstorrm (twice) and [ profile] kjp_013, and to [ profile] leashy_bebes  for the gift and early bday wishes :)
♥ ♥ ♥
So, er..... this exists:

The Sid/Andy Meme.  Yes that'd right as in Toy Story. 

[ profile] hermette linked to it yesterday I think?  It has taken over my brain.  The fics talked about by [ profile] snooter are amazing (Under the Table and Dreaming and the sequel To The Dogs or Whatever there's also a third one I haven't had the chance to read yet) 

I read them so late last night I haven't commented yet but I'm going to have to read them again as soon as I can anyways so I'll rectify that soon.

So I can't rec this fic or this pairing highly enough.  It's awesome. 

And I may have committed some comment fic in their honour.
Hello Flist!  I am about to try and recruit you, be forewarned :)

For my Masters dissertation I am looking at how people watch television.  As I know a lot of you are avid viewers (like myself) it seemed logical to ask you all if you'd be willing to participate!

Participants will have to keep a three day diary on how much television they watch a day and how they watch it.

The project is mainly applicable for UK residents, but if you have a look at the screenschots of the table for the television diary and feel it would be applicable to your viewing habits and you are not a UK resident please volunteer and let me know!  I can always adjust it slightly for you if need be.

I've created a community on livejournal so all the information for participants is online.  If you would be willing to help please wander over to [ profile] tvdiaryproject by clicking the graphic below and have a look!

So the results of my poll to find out the most popular fandoms on my flist are in...

Third Place with 15 tick-y's went to Supernatural!!

In Second Place with 17 tick-y's was Merlin!

But First Place went to Harry Potter with an impressive 19 ticky boxes to their name :)

Overall voting went like this:
1) Harry Potter
2) Merlin
3) Supernatural
4) Stargate (which I found kind of surprising actually)
5) Doctor Who
6) Hawaii Five-0
7) Sherlock BBC
8) Glee
9) Angel &/ Buffy, Star Trek, Inception, Smallville, Torchwood
10) Ashes to Ashes &/ Life on Mars
11) due South
12) High School Musical, Sherlock Holmes (2009)
13) Sports Night
14) The OC

I'm actually going to leave it open.  It's kind of a nice way to keep track of what fandoms I share with you guys, so if you didn't vote please do :)
So as some of you may realise I am completely swamped when it comes to shows/books/films that I obsess fannishly over.  I've just checked and I've written fic in 12 fandoms, and made videos in an additional 2.  [Poll #1744884]And I heavily edited this list for fandoms which I no longer read in and never actively participated in like House, Chuck, White Collar, Hollyoaks etc.  Although I've probably missed something important.

Click the ticky boxes lovely flist! It's fun! :)

Someone needs to write the Merlin Eurovision AU.  Where Merlin is representing Ireland and Arthur Britain and they're all snarky and argumentative when they cross paths during rehearsal, but really Arthur just wants in Merlin's pants.

AND THEN when they're in their little booth waiting areas during the results, Arthur's all screw it we never win anyway so proceeds to get very drunk and decides now is the perfect time to go and find Merlin and tell him how pretty he thinks he is. 

BUT then the UK actually win and they cut to the UK team booth but Arthur isn't there, someone shouts that he's with the Irish team so they cut to there, but Arthur and Merlin are completely oblivious due to the fact they are inspecting each other’s tonsils with their tongues....

Just, you know, an idea....

John Simm on The One Show, just joked that he and Phillip Glenister are having a secret affair when the presenters asked about how often they worked together :)

For some reason I always expect him to be more distant in interviews but he was lovely.  Also said he wouldn't be averse to playing the Master again.  We wouldn't be averse to that either John I'm sure :)

I'll have to remember when Exile is on, I've still not watched Mad Dogs either....

EDIT: So I'm googling avout Exile now and came across this article, where John says about leaving LoM and watching A2A:

“I couldn’t deal with it. I found it very difficult to watch. But I loved playing Sam Tyler and I loved working with Phil. But, you know, I work with Phil every 10 minutes, so I’m not going to miss that.”

Lol! I'm totally going to go and watch Mad Dogs now! I don't care if I don't like it, they have actor bromance and this makes me happy :)


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