One thousand spontaneous words of Merlin fic before bedtime written!!!

So canon question - is Morganna younger than Arthur?  So basically, did Uther sleep with Morganna's mother after Igraine died, or whilst Igraine was still alive? 

On the topic of Igraine is it spelt with an I or a Y (Ygraine)?  Or is it one of those things thats open to intepretation?

Thank you for any help :)
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( Mar. 11th, 2012 12:29 pm)
So someone, somewhere must have made a Merlin/Arthur video to Emeli Sande's 'Next to Me' right?  Right?  And if not why not?

Someone needs to write the Merlin Eurovision AU.  Where Merlin is representing Ireland and Arthur Britain and they're all snarky and argumentative when they cross paths during rehearsal, but really Arthur just wants in Merlin's pants.

AND THEN when they're in their little booth waiting areas during the results, Arthur's all screw it we never win anyway so proceeds to get very drunk and decides now is the perfect time to go and find Merlin and tell him how pretty he thinks he is. 

BUT then the UK actually win and they cut to the UK team booth but Arthur isn't there, someone shouts that he's with the Irish team so they cut to there, but Arthur and Merlin are completely oblivious due to the fact they are inspecting each other’s tonsils with their tongues....

Just, you know, an idea....


Title: they would always get there eventually
Word Count: 5342
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Merlin is late bringing Arthur his breakfast, when Arthur tracks him down he is unconscious in Lancelot's bed.  In the quest to wake Merlin, Arthur uncovers more than one hidden truth.
Pairings/Characters: main pairing Merlin/Arthur, other pairings Merlin/Lancelot, Arthur/Gwen, Gwen/Lancelot
Spoilers: Set Post Series 3 so for all aired episodes
Beta: [ profile] somerdaye gave it the once over.  Any mistakes are mine :)
A/N: I've no idea where this came from.  I was bemoaning the lack of Merlin/Lancelot post series 3 fic .... and wrote this ... which is not even what I was looking for!
xposted to [ profile] merlin_tv , [ profile] merlinslash  and [ profile] merlinxarthur

Also posted here at AO3.

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...Or a helpful point in in the right direction for where I can find one.  Just under 5.5k of Merlin fic.  Main pairing Merlin/Arthur with some Merlin/Lancelot and Arthur/Gwen (and pretty much a PG rating).

Any help greatly appreciated :)
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( Apr. 25th, 2011 10:16 pm)
I appear to be writing Merlin fic.  Spontaneously and without break for a while is very odd and not how I usually write at all but I feel as though if I stop I'll forget it all so I'll keep going for now.

I forsee a beta request in the near future.  For any potentially willing flist members, its Merlin/Lancelot, Arthur/Gwen, Merlin/Arthur, magical reveal with Merlin needing saving, Arthur POV

Back to my strange strange Merlin ficwriting epiphany like experience I guess....

EDIT: This is getting ridiculous, 4000 words and counting....
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( Jan. 13th, 2011 06:43 pm)
So is there a Merlin AU out there where they're Airline Cabin Crew??  If there isn't, there should be!

*sits patiently and waits for the internet to provide*

Teenage Boys Call it 'Soul-Bonding' by [ profile] onelittlesleep 
Authors Notes: reincarnationfic! Teenage boys on a swim team, with soul bonds. Maybe.

Quote: He sterned up, tried to ignore it, but like all things that were Merlin-related, this knowledge just itched at him, driving him completely mad.

Whyread it? Erm its amazing and just... read it now plzkthnx
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( Sep. 5th, 2010 02:29 pm)

The first things I though when I saw the below trailer was YAY!   Merlin Sims!!

Sadly I doubt my laptop will have enough memory for it... *sigh*
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( Mar. 26th, 2010 10:06 pm)

So there's this livejournal stats thing (new or not, I'm not sure!), but people actually do visit my journal.  That's nice :)

I've drowned myself in Merlin recently (thanks mainly to [ profile] marguerite_26's numerous recs), I've almost finished rewatching series one, and have read boat loads of fic. 

Unfortunately its halted my doctor who & torchwood rewatch... and I've now got actual shows that are on actual TV to watch, Supernatural is back, Glee, Flashforward (which I'm trying not to completely lose interest in... I'm stuborn so I might just make it), Ashes to Ashes, Doctor Who and SGU back soon.  So much TV so little time.  I miss the days of being a student, boo work!  Just 5 months until I finish my job and go back to Uni though! *happy dance*

Hoping everything is fantastical for everyone out there in lj land! :)
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( Mar. 16th, 2010 07:05 pm)

So, the Merlin AU, where they're at University and part of the Oxford/Cambridge boating team??  Can't find this fic!! I'm sure someone on my flist rec'd it!!! Help?? PLEASE??
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( Dec. 22nd, 2009 06:57 pm)
Someone, somewhere must have written a High School Musical / 'John Tucker Must Die' type AU, no?

Actually any fandom in which this has occured would be cool.... I seem to be oddly drawn to this film... and yet I usually hate teen/romcom type things... *shrugs*

OMG MERLIN! Totally need a 'Arthur Pendragon Must Die' AU! (or some variation of this, perhaps where the 'John Tucker' character actually ends up with the 'Kate' character, or work on the brother angle? Who knows! I don't care! I just want this fic!)

Anyone know of any such fics?
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( Dec. 12th, 2009 07:09 pm)
Sooo... Merlin isnt on iplayer yet *taps fingers impatiently* I tend to get in from work just as it ends, which sucks!

In the mean time, how are my flist? Enjoying the holiday season?

Random side question= What would Rodney McKay's ideal Christmas gift be??
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( Dec. 3rd, 2009 08:13 pm)

Despite still recovering from being horribly ill (AGAIN FFS!), I feel like writing Christmas fic. Any prompts?

Shows I'm into atm are Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, Ashes to Ashes, Due South, Life on Mars, The OC, Merlin and Sports Night, so I feel I could write for them as character voices are floating around my consciousness :)


(nothing too, like, happy people, I like to crush characters souls)
So I get one day off a week, and I spent it today doing not very much! except watch tv!

Watched SPN, not as cringeworthy as I thought it would be!! But it definitely had its moments! Also very sad that next week is the last episode until January! :(

Watched Merlin! Oh my God!  )

Watched Stargate Universe!! Which I have to say, best episode yet ("Time"). So far I've been entertained enough not to turn it off mid-way through an episode, but thought no more about it after it finished. This one has actually held my attention for the rest of the day, hopefully it'll continue like this :)

ILU! )

And yes, I did watch I'm a celebrity, I couldn't really help it, its one of the only reality tv shows I follow, however I think Katie Price might put me off it a little in the days to come....


Stolen from like EVERYONE ON MY FLIST!!  Seriously people, I almost felt obligated to do this :)

1) Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/bands [fannish etc.] that you've had an obsessive fannish love or interest in at some time in your life.
2) Have your f-list guess your favourite character/member from each item.
3) When someone guesses correctly, strikethrough the item and put the name of your favorite character next to it.

(1) Stargate Atlantis: Rodney McKay guessed by [info]scarlet_gryphon
(2) High School Musical: Ryan, guessed by [info]chrisvel
(3) Life on Mars: Sam guessed by [info]jaxxamundo
(4) Harry Potter: Severus Snape, guessed by [info]chrisvel
(5) Stargate SG1: Jack O'Neill guessed by [info]chrisvel
(6) due South
(7) Darren Shan
(8) Doctor Who The Master, guessed by [ profile] xrukiatimelordx  
(9) Torchwood: Ianto Jones guessed by [info]scarlet_gryphon
(10) Angel: Wesley guessed by [info]lonelyangel_x
(11) Star Trek Enterprise
(12) Supernatural: Castiel, guessed by [info]wraithwriter
(13) Merlin: Arthur guessed by [info]lonelyangel_x
(14) Red Dwarf
(15) Smallville: Lex Luthor, guess by [info]chrisvel
(16) Sports Night
(17) The OC
(18) SGU
(19) Ashes to Ashes
(20) Voyager: Tom Paris, guessed by [info]chrisvel

Hello all! *waves*  I've jst been trawling facebook and have discovered the Bradley James page which has 6,897 fans.  And whilst Colin has 2 pages dedicated to him, they only total 2261 between them.  I'm all for the happy Bradley fangirling (Happy Birthday to Bradley btw!!) but where's the Colin love???

If you're on facebook go and become a fan! :)
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( Sep. 20th, 2009 11:43 am)
SO obviously Merlin was amazing and I may watch it again this afternoon,


More importantly, I totally want an icon of Bradley and Colin singing together with their earphones in that was on the behind the scenes show :)
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( Sep. 19th, 2009 05:47 pm)

*is excited*
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( Sep. 2nd, 2009 08:59 pm)

Its been almost A MONTH since I posted to my lj!! Something is very wrong with that... :)

I'm alive! Atm I'm temping at my local college doing the enrolment, itskinda monotonous but pays well!  I've figured out I can afford to go to Uni again next September so I'm basically having a gap year, I think I could even afford to travel a little bit, on the cheap anyway! Any recommendations, I've literally never been abroad apart from a school trip to France...

In fandom news?  I finished Buffy! *sobs*  It was kinda brilliant, although it dragged a bit at the end there.  I think maybe because I was watching them one after the other? So there was no chance for the suspense to build whilst I was waiting a week for the next episode.  I can now go back and read all the post series fic I skipped over before! YAY!  Also, has anyone read the comics??  Just wondering if anyone would recommend them?

So now I'm on series five of Angel, its so different, I'm not sure I like it, and Spike seems so out of place.  He'd fit better if they were still at the hotel, but Wolfram and Hart is so shiny and clean and bright... it kind of freaks me out a little....

OH QUESTION!  When does Merlin series 2 premiere?? And Supernatural S5?? I know its nearing but have absolutely no idea of the exact date


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