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( Dec. 18th, 2008 11:34 pm)

So another image to go with the epic SGA fic which may never get written (see here and here for further details)
I'm not as please with this one, it isnt as nice (partly because Rodney looks all weird and demonish, but that was kinda the idea) but i figure i might as well add it to the list of resources i seem to be building :)

Also, I made some notes which i've scanned to my computer and loaded onto photobucket.  Have decided to share, so if anyone wants to play pre-emtive beta and pull apart the ideas then please do, in fact i'd appreciate it! :)

So far its just the history of the original characters, havent got to how the SGA lot enter in yet.  Scans are HERE and HERE.

And yes I continue to use my Tainted icon, even though I'm not sure if that's what I'm going to title it yet :)

EDIT: I just found just over a thousand words of this fic on my computer... I'd forgotten I had written it, actually I cant even remember doing it.  I love it when that happens :) There's also the beginning of a story outline which looks pretty good. Yay :)
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( Aug. 29th, 2008 10:57 pm)
Any McShep fans on my flist?  I'm looking for favourite visual moments of seasons 3-5.  Like where they share a look, or joke, or grin or something.  I've already got a few (Echoes, The Game, The Shrine), but was wondering if anyone else had any that stuck out in their minds?

Obviously this is not necessarily slashy moments, can be friendship things too...

Sooo, help?  The reason I'm contemplating this is because I've got a vid idea stuck in my head, and whilst I've got a good mental list of clips to use already, it would be interesting to see what anyone else thinks??
So I've pieced together a rough image/cover pic for my yet to be penned SGA story (also pairing yet to be decided, we've got the options of gen, McShep & McKay/MaleOC or McKay/Female OC)
Its nowhere near as pretty as I wanted, so I shall hunt for better photos and the such and try and improve my completely inadequate photo manip skills.
Also, the title is likely to change, I kinda like the idea of 'Something wicked this way comes'... but it seems a little ott??


I kinda wish I'd left a little bit of colour in Sheppard and McKay (top left)
As for the other characters, the male is named Yante, but he'd supposed to be a bit older (actually being an Ancient so like thousands of years old), but I kinda like the idea of looking young but being old...
The pretty lady in the corner, (whose showing us a bit too much...?)  is Karrai, also older than she appears but not as much so as Yante.  Rodney is the latest addition to their 'group'.
God I want to write this so much, but it would be epic and I dont think I could do it justice.... *sigh*

Ok, so revision has taken over my life.  I cant watch the tv, read a book or listen to a song without relating it to attitude change, social influence, or theory of mind.  I've actually just realised that I haven't left my house for two days and then it was only to go to work....  Tomorrow I'm going to uni to revise I think, or just walk round the corner and buy some red bull or something, anything to prevent me from going stir crazy!

Additionally my revision overloaded brain has just realised that due to the fact that I work until six on a saturday, I'm going to miss the new series of doctor who, like every week.... I dont have any tivo, sky plus or virgin active or anything and bbc iplayer doesnt work on my computer.  Thus I'm going to have to result to good ol' VHS....

In my attempt to escape revision, or have something to reward myself with for drudging through my textbooks and notes, I've decided to read a HP fic and finally decided on Not in the Hands of Boys by

[personal profile] fourth_rose.  I've wanted to read it for ages, but tend to avoid WIPs like the plague.  But I delved into the first chapter and a half a little earlier and am already hooked :) It's Harry/Draco Post DH, EWE.  And at the moment I'd recommend it, if anything disastrous happens as I read and I want to rescind my rec I'll be sure to let you know :)


Finally, I've decided that I'm going to finish my SGA McShep AU thats been sitting on my computer, gradually being built on whenever I notice it's still there,

it doesn't contain any McShep, but we need some backstory and plot don't we? :)

Title: Irreplaceable
Song: Beyonce's ' Irreplaceable'
Vidder: fathomlessspite
Summary: John thinks he's irreplaceable, Rodney sets him straight
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Spoilers: all clips from season 3

Feedback is always appreciated!

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