Sooo... I'm so behind on LJ its barely worth trying to catch up.  Why?

1) Got so completely consumed by Inception fandom! seriously the eames/arthur fandom is already epic.  I was trying to read like every fic on the main comm for their ship, but have given up.  As I read I was keeping track of fics that were rec-able.  So soon there will be a list when I can organise it :)

2) Bought new TV and started watching Red Dwarf DVDs.  Randomly discovered there is a fandom for Red Dwarf.  Managed to suspend my wall of disbelief regarding Rimmer/Lister slash and dived right in :)

3) For some reason missed Hollyoaks McDean story line liked WOAH so searched the comm to find download links for all their eps and watched them all... over three days.  This is 9 months worth of their story line.... I now have an AU in my head where no one found out and Craig and Sarah went to Dublin but Craig has some kinda meltdown and well it gets fuzzy from there on, but John Paul will surely swoop in and save the day, yes?

4) No more reasons, I miss LJ muchly, what has happened? Anything interesting??

Reasons I may continue to fall behind with lj:
1) Just bought Doctor Who specials box set
2) Almost finished Dr Who fic
3) Need to watch BBC's Sherlock
4) Current job ending in two weeks! Job interview a few days after already! Uni in a month!!

fathomlessspite: (incptn gqmf)
( Aug. 2nd, 2010 08:35 pm)

Sooo... I was impressed when my friend was all like, Keeley Hawes comes to my salon and I do her kids hair.

Now, whilst we're watching Inception, she says oh I recognise that guy, I cut his hair!  Erm, my friend has RUN HER HANDS THROUGH TOM HARDY'S HAIR! And also quite possibly done that thing hairdressers do where they're an inch from your face and pull the hair out to the sides to measure the length.  AAAH! *DIES*

I need some inception icons....

So boredom leads to making Inception pictures.  Click-y to see more eames/arthur movie poster type things :)





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