So go and check out [ profile] _hopefulness_'s post here with some pretty pictures of Jared and Jensen

I got creative and made some wallpapers, nothing too fancy, and some aren't particularly good in terms of text, but I have one as my back ground which I really like so I though I'd share the rest.

Feel free to take any you want (although they were made for my weird screen size so they may have to be adapted for others)

Jensen and Jared Wallpapers behind the cut )

So my post about icons of Comic Relief?  I decided to waste my precious precious time and cap it :)  Only the first part so far.  Which is here on photobucket.

Also made some icons (x18, x1 David Tennant, x1 Davina, x16 David&Davina) behind the cut.  Just crops for now, might go back and add some text etc. later on when i have to time.

Feel free to snag icons or caps but please comment and credit!  Also, i dont have any doctor who icons comms on my flist, any recs for some?


the rest are BEHIND THE CUT )
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( Oct. 9th, 2008 10:09 pm)

Some Merlin Icons from the first half of episode 1 - the dragons call
Probably some more to come, I like playing with the pretty pictures :)

32 Icons (including various variations)
x2 Arthur
x16 Merlin
x3 Morganna (sp?)
x7 Methur (Merlin/Arthur)
x4 Other


Please comment and credit!

Icons behind the cut................ )
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( Jun. 29th, 2008 04:11 pm)
Sooo, I've been meaning to do this for ages.  On my computer I have lots of icons I snagged before I joined lj and learnt the icon etiquette of credit and commenting.  As I joined lj 2 years ago now, some of these are probably pretty old.  

But I was hoping someone somewhere might recognise them, so that I might even be able to use a couple, as I dont want to use them without giving credit where its due, because most of them are pretty awesome.

So bear in mind NONE OF THE FOLLOWING ICONS ARE MINE! And if you recognise them, as someone's, or as your own could you comment and let me know so I can use their beautifulness to make my lj wonderful :)

warning: use of unecessary profanity on several icons behind the cut :)


1-2: SG1
3-4: David Hewlett
5-14: SGA (Sheppard, McKay)

Welcome to the Master List Part Two Icons and Banners

So this is my smallest list, probably because it's what i'm least good at??  Well, you guys be the judge...

Fandoms thus far include Stargate SG1 and (predominantly) Stargate Atlantis... )
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( Feb. 15th, 2008 10:57 pm)

Again with the procrastinating... but I also got 1700 words of my essay written :)
So I was just playing about doing some cropping, debating whether to hunt down an sg1 icons comm to peruse and post in, probably something I should have done before considering its one of my favourite shows :)

Anyway just a handful of jack/daniel cropped images and a banner...


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( Feb. 13th, 2008 10:59 am)
So I should have been writing essay last night, but I don't understand the topic at all so I procrastinated with icons.
The text is a bit odd looking on some from where I made them small afterwards, I was too tired to change them :)

Spoilers?? Only for season 3, as they where the only screencaps i had on my laptop :)

Mckay x7
Ronon x1
Teyla x1
Sheppard x1
Lorne x1
Mckay/Sheppard x2
Mckay/Ronon x1
O'Neill x1
Misc. x2


Okay so I thought I'd put my small list of stories together (for my own sanity if for nothing else)



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