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( Sep. 2nd, 2009 08:59 pm)

Its been almost A MONTH since I posted to my lj!! Something is very wrong with that... :)

I'm alive! Atm I'm temping at my local college doing the enrolment, itskinda monotonous but pays well!  I've figured out I can afford to go to Uni again next September so I'm basically having a gap year, I think I could even afford to travel a little bit, on the cheap anyway! Any recommendations, I've literally never been abroad apart from a school trip to France...

In fandom news?  I finished Buffy! *sobs*  It was kinda brilliant, although it dragged a bit at the end there.  I think maybe because I was watching them one after the other? So there was no chance for the suspense to build whilst I was waiting a week for the next episode.  I can now go back and read all the post series fic I skipped over before! YAY!  Also, has anyone read the comics??  Just wondering if anyone would recommend them?

So now I'm on series five of Angel, its so different, I'm not sure I like it, and Spike seems so out of place.  He'd fit better if they were still at the hotel, but Wolfram and Hart is so shiny and clean and bright... it kind of freaks me out a little....

OH QUESTION!  When does Merlin series 2 premiere?? And Supernatural S5?? I know its nearing but have absolutely no idea of the exact date
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To be honest, I'm definitely going to get Ashes to Ashes at some point, but Im debating whether to wait til its gone down in price a bit.  I've actually just bought Quantum Leap series 2, because it was only £7 on play :)

Other helpful comments? I've not seen all of Torchwood series one, and I've barely seen any of Angel but love Buffy :)
So who has Buffy on DVD?? On the back of my Region 2 Season 4 it says 'Outtakes Easter Egg'.  I can't find it.  Google has turned up nothing except a bunch of people who also cant find it or say it doesnt exist...

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( Jul. 2nd, 2009 07:27 pm)

So I didnt get the job I went to the interview for... and its kinda put me off my planned career path, but hey! No matter, I have more time to read fic now :)

So I am now over halfway through season four of buffy and it is brill as expected.  As for fic and pairings my #1 non-canon pairing is definitely Spike/Xander.  On screen the Buffy/Angel made me cringe I'm afraid, but still made me cry at sad bits... at the mo I'm loving Anya and Xander and I'm at the bit where Tara and Willow are just starting to hang out, I dont remember aww-ing over Tara before but she's made of win :)

In terms of fic though, I've used the wonder of google to find me some rec lists which I'm going to peruse during my leisure time (my extensive unemployed with no future prospects amount of leisure time).  Here they are for anyone interested.  I've no idea if they're any good but I guess I'll find out! :)

(1) ripewickedplum and jenn's rec list
(2) Haemotodypsia's fic rec's
(3) Shakatany's Buffy recs
(4) [profile] ladyflame_uk's fic recs
(5) [livejournal.com profile] kimberly_fan/[personal profile] kimberly_a's Favourite Spander Fics

p.s. I got me an Alex icon :) yays!! I've been resisting and resisting but finally i had to get a few Ashes to Ashes ones and even a few featuring Alex herself

EDIT: In terms of Buffy fic recs, you can (usually) never go wrong with [livejournal.com profile] epic_recs  and they have a buffy fic rec tag (which I've unfortunately already exhausted but might be handy for other people). And obviously [livejournal.com profile] crack_van  is the place to go for recs of any and every kind, their buffy tag is here

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( May. 14th, 2009 08:51 pm)

So I've officially FINISHED UNIVERSITY! Is this a good or bad thing? Only time will tell I guess... Just spent a while looking up PGCE courses.  What I really want to do is an MA, but I can't afford that because I wouldn't get any funding....

Anywho! I went shopping to reward myself for finishing, but alas bought nothing.  So I've had the page for the complete series of buffy open on my browser for an hour or so... But its so much money, there could be twenty series but £100 is still a lot of money.  I'm, kicking myself though because a few months back they were £50 and i didnt get them, I got Life on Mars instead, which hello good decision.  But they are the same price now as they were then and I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!  If I wait will they go up more?  Go down again? HELP?!


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