So I'm most of the way through an application to do a postgraduate teaching qualification.... However I have an observed assessment on my teaching on the evening course I'm doing tomorrow and I'm absolutely crapping myself.  So yeah, completely questioning my plan for my life right now.  If I'm this scared for one 30 minute assessment of my teaching how will I ever get up the courage to do this every day?

Maybe I'm getting too old for this whole re-training business, maybe I should stick in my dead-end job and save up for a mortgage for the next twenty years.

Eugh negative thoughts, I'm going to go and eat a cookie to get rid of them.  Cookies solve everything.

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You can do it! Just breathe and smile, whatever happens.

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Think of it like this: they don't want to fail you, so even if you do really bad, they will just offer suggestions for improvement. Sometimes, it helps to think: there's no way to actually screw this up, there's just room to impress.

Optimistic pessimists unite!

I am sure you will do fine.


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