It seems like everyone is moving or at least thinking about moving to dreamwidth,  I created my account a long time ago but have only just imported everything!  If I don't like any changes made permanent on lj I may migrate over there for good, same username -

Hope all is well with my flist!

*returns to radio silence*

From: [identity profile]

I added you over there, just in case LJ goes kersplat.

PS: Hi you! *hugs!*

From: [identity profile]

\o/ I actually really like DW for crossposting etc, but I'm here because my friends are all here. And ughhh, I hope so too! I am not good with change lol. I actually really love tumblr, but I use it in such a different way to how I use LJ, and it's changes to that which are driving me a bit batty. I'll be here to the bitter end though (by which I mean until they implement the new friends list, because it literally hurts my eyeballs :\)

I hope so! It's good to see you again :D ('see' know what I mean!)


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