PART ONE --//-- A03

The library wasn't really a library in the conventional sense. There weren't rows of book shelves or haphazardly stacked books all over the place.

It was more along the lines of several dusty looking boxes which Stiles was guessing Chris had lugged up from the basement sometime today and put in the study. It was slightly disappointing in that most of his recent fantasies were now technically inaccurate. But there were still boxes of books for Stiles' reading pleasure and that was pretty awesome.

Chris looked a little shifty as Stiles took in the boxes. "There are more downstairs, and some more in a storage facility not too far from here."

"You don't use them?" Stiles asked, he dropped his laptop bag by the desk and walked over to the nearest box and pulled it open.

"Gerard didn't like having to waste time hunting through them all."

"Hence the flash drive," Stiles nodded his understanding.

"Right," Chris nodded and walked up to stand next to Stiles. He pulled out the top-most book in the box and smoothed a hand over the cover.

"Well I'm not so picky. I kinda love books actually," he admitted. It didn't matter really if Chris knew he was a giant geek, who was he going to tell?

"Me too," Chris grinned at him, Stiles grinned back because wow Chris was really all kinds of gorgeous.

Stiles bounced on his toes for a moment, "Do you have a record somewhere of them, an index?" he asked.

"No not really, once Gerard scanned the bestiary we kind of stopped using them."

"We should catalogue them!" Stiles said, pulling out the next book in the box. The cover was thick leather and the title embossed on it looked mostly to be in English.


"Yeah we can go through them and record the titles, authors, subject you know. Put them all on a spreadsheet or something. Label the boxes and record the locations so you can find what you want easily." Stiles was still bouncing on his toes. Putting stuff in order, getting to go through all these books, spending time with Chris. This would be awesome.

"Really?" Chris asked, disbelief coloured his voice. "You want to help me catalogue my family library," he stated, not even a question.

"Why not?" Stiles smiled at him. "I'll get to go through all your books, learn lots of stuff that might save my life one day..." he trailed off.

Chris stared at him some more for a few seconds, presumably trying to detect ulterior motives, or a mental impairment. But in the end he nodded his agreement.

"Awesome." Stiles grabbed his laptop and opened it up on the desk then darted back over to grab a handful of books before Chris could change his mind.

But Chris didn't change his mind. He pulled up a chair next to Stiles and sat next to him at the desk, elbow to elbow.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw the corner of Chris' mouth twitch into a small satisfied looking smile and Stiles wondered for a moment if he had been played. If this was Chris' plan all along, if he'd tricked Stiles somehow into volunteering to do this, making him believe it was his idea.

Then again, it didn't really matter. Stiles settled into his chair, his thigh brushed against Chris'. "Let's get started."


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