So I've been signed off from my job by the doctor due to stress, meh.  But I am using the time wisely to write fic.  Usually I only ever write fic because I have an idea in my head that keeps running round and round and I rush around doing it around work and home and life.  But now I am on my second week of nothing and decided writing would be fun.

I've written 2.5K in about two hours, which is amazing for me because my attention span tends to last about 100 words before I get distracted.  But it's kind of fun and I have a plot all layed out (in my head) and I think for the first time in ever I may actually start and finish writing something in one go,

We'll see how it goes but at the moment I'm having fun, although it feels slightly weird writing a rare pairing and being the third story I've written for them in a month.

Pointless post is pointless, but I feel better for sharing :)


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