Aloha flist.  I am now the ripe old age of 24 *sigh*.  I have decided I am going to make a concerted effort to save this year so I can contemplate getting my own flat/maisonette/house sometime next year, so I'm feeling pretty positive and all grown up at the moment...

On the flip side of that grown up feeling, I’ve recently fallen head first into Teen Wolf...and then there was all the comic-con madness :)  Also many many months ago I became obsessed with Avengers fic whilst I was waiting impatiently for the film come out, then fandom exploded and I haven't been able to catch up. 

My problem is that I rely on recs for reading material.  So here's my question oh wise flist - what (if any) Teen Wolf and/or Avengers comms do you follow?  I need sources for when my flist is bare of recs.  Also icons and news is good :)  I don't think I've changed my userpics in about a year, and I've definitely discovered about 5 new shows and dipped my toes in probably double that in new fandoms in that me I need to revamp my lj, you're my only hope! 

Failing comm recs, fic recs are always appreciated :)  I'm pretty much pro any pairing at the moment because I want to read ALL THE WORDS (altho Steve/Tony and Stiles/Derek are my faves because I tend to be mainstream like that :D)

(And now that I have posted this joint request for Teen Wolf and Avengers I'm feeling the need for some kind of cross-over fic...)



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